Born: 1983
Previous: Durfee Foundation
Current: Peace Corps Volunteer

From What I’ve worked on lately

Email: sarah.charlotte at gmail dot com


7 Responses to “Profile”

  1. nurzhan zhambekov Says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Nice blog! Are you in Ulan Bator now?

    Did you study in Georgetown by any change? Your name sounds familiar.

  2. Ganaa Says:

    Hello! My name is Gantomor, I’m 20 years old and from Mongolia. First I want to thank you for visiting my country. I saw your pictures and impressed that you have been in Darkhan city. So you’ve been in mongolia almost 1 year huh? If have any photos that related to my hometown please let me know. Now I’m studying in Japan and I miss my hometown so much.Please email me Thanks…

  3. Clint Says:

    Ta Mongol hel cursan uu? I’ve also been to mongolia I’m 22 and was wondering if you studied the language or not. e-mail me if you have time.

  4. J.Sukhbaatar Says:

    I`m Sukhbaatar, who became MP. I agree with you a one hundred percent. “Snake has spots on the outside, human has spots on the inside.”

    Good luck.

  5. rivers Says:

    Hola sarah te acuerdas de mi.Soy Roberto,Rivers me llamaban mis amigos ¿que tal todo por California?yo sigo en Madrid.Ahora vivo por el centro,muy cerca de Sol.Me acuerdo mucho de ti y en que me quede con ganas de ir alli a verte.Me gusto mucho el tiempo que te conoci asi que si obtengo alguna respuesta a este e-mail me alegrare mucho por saber de ti.

    Un beso muy pero que muy grande RIVERS

  6. rivers Says:

    Te seguire escribiendo hasta saber algo,ojala sepa de ti pronto,¿si estas bien?¿como te va?¿donde andas?¿si ya te casastes?¿como han sido tus viajes?¿donde vives ahora?…


  7. rivers Says:

    hola sarah ya ves sigo intentando contactar contigo para saber que tal todo y que me hables de tus largos viajes por el mundo.

    ojala tenga respuesta tuya en: 0034655478206


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