After we left our host families this month, we headed to Darkhan, the industrial city an hour north of our training site. All of us stayed in a hotel with running water. While I enjoyed the hot showers, I happened to miss my family’s squat toilet. Here’s why:

  • The squat tones your thigh muscles.
  • You don’t waste gallons of water per flush. 
  • The wall slats are imperfectly joined, so that the sun shines in. While this doesn’t give you the best privacy, it means that fresh air blows into the outhouse.
  • You don’t have to use a toilet seat of questionable hygiene.
  • The pit is deep enough that there are no odors afterwards.
  • Your body feels completely cleansed.

Of course, maybe the outhouse won’t seem so fun during the harsh winter. But – one of last year’s volunteers told me that she especially likes her outhouse during cold weather.

Brie: “You run outside and it’s freezing, but then you run back into your ger, and the ger feels even more warm and cozy inside.”

Let’s see how that works out for our ger dwellers.

jorloninside.jpg jorlonoutside.jpg